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Frank Suffert

Frank Suffert is a freelance commercial and documentary filmmaker, travel and editorial and fine arts photographer.

Frank works on assignment for editorial and commercial clients and has lived, filmed and photographed around the world.

His films and images have appeared on networks from National Geographics, PBS, ARTE, NHK, ARD, ZDF and many other networks around the globe and everywhere from billboards, magazine covers, newspapers to guidebooks and advertising. He has shot feature films, documentaries, commercials and image films and many music videos.


"To see the world every day with fresh eyes, rather like children, creative and outrageous."

As a documentary filmmaker and photographer my goal is to enlighten the human condition. From hermits in the California desert to monks in the Austrian alps to native American and East Indian Shamans, I explore life through the bond of spirituality and art.

As a travel photographer, my studio is the world outside my door and the only equipment required is a camera and a willingness to look for new perspectives. I see the world with honesty and compassion. More than just exotic locations and wild adventures, travel photography is about seeing our surroundings with an open mind and childlike enthusiasm.


Limited and signed Fine Art Prints are available. All works are professionally printed as archival pigment prints. Please contact Frank by email for availability.


Frank has led film and photography courses at UCLA, Layola Marymount, MIZ Babelsberg, and various workshops. He also teach video and photography to children in disadvantaged communities.

Frank leads photographic workshops to some of the world's most exciting locations and festivals and continues to teach film and photography workshops in Los Angeles, Berlin and other locations.

Some images and films are available for commercial use. Please write to me@franksuffert.com


For Fine Arts Prints, assignments or workshops, please send a request via contact.
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