Portfolio - Frank Suffert
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The Perlan

In addition to a myriad of attractions, The Pearl has an important function. It is not only a highly technical playground for its visitors, but serves as an important link for the hot water distribution from the deep boreholes within the capital itself and others in its proximity.

Nowadays the Municipal Energy Authority serves close to 70% of the country’s population. It supplies hot water for house heating and other purposes, electricity and operates the Water Works as well. The boreholes in the vicinity of the Laugavegur Street yield close to 310 l/sec of 127°C hot water and the Ellida Valley holes yield about 220 l/sec of 88°C hot water. The boreholes northeast of the capital yield about 1860 l/sec (86°C) and in 1990 the geothermal power station at Nesjavellir, 27,2 km east of he capital, was inaugurated. Its present capacity is about 220 MW of heat energy and 90 MW of electricity and increased future developments look very promising.